Welcome to the world of Amazar Avians populated by the creations of artist/sculptor/author Ron Isaacson. You’re invited to explore dozens of page posts and join others across the planet who have discovered the legend, mission and realm populated by Crystal Beak Avians, Rainbow Beak Healers, Red Beak Guardians, Rare Elk Horned Owls, Empara and other Amazar Avians that have taken wing across the country.  

Have you spotted them yet? 

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You’ll learn about Avians with flamboyant plumage crafted from upcycled vintage leathers on armatures fabricated from found objects and other recycled materials.

Soaring overhead or nesting in environments that incorporate sacred crystals, ancient artifacts or “ Forever Gardens” these one-of-a kind Avian sculptures have captured the hearts of collectors around the country.

Want to see them in person?

  • Contact the artist to find galleries that currently showcase Amazar Avians and a schedule of current events featuring Amazar Tales.


Email ronisaacson@me.com or call 303-957-7369 to make an appointment to visit the artist’s Evergreen studio,