The Origin & Mission of the Amazar Avians

Origin & Mission: 

From another dimension in the universe, a place known as Amazar, there lives a species of Avians that have existed for eons. Having the ability to shift in and out of time, space and dimensional planes. families of these Avians have roam the universe and discreetly visited Earth to help those in need, bringing healing energy, love, peace, goodwill and positive energy wherever they appear. 

Among these families, a flock of Avians have now chosen to make themselves known on planet earth in response to desperate cries for help from the earth itself. They felt a surge in the frequency of meditative energies sent forth by those looking to bring about a more harmonious balance to the planet and to ending the pain and suffering threatening to destroy it.

Heeding the call, the Amazar Avian Earth Alliance (AAVEA) has flown through the Amazar portal to offer their assistance and offer us hope. Some even speculate that this legion of Avians carries the spark of souls that once inhabited earth and have vowed to return and help all creatures that dwell upon it.