Amazar Avian Exhibition Proposal

My Amazar Avian series of leather sculptures has been evolving, getting larger, more complex and receiving great reviews from collectors. Visitors to are discovering tales told of legions of Amazar Avians who flew to earth from a realm deep within the multi-fold dimensions of time and space.

As the legend continues to unfold in an evolving series of amazing leather sculptures, 3D landscapes and a series of stories and fables known as Amazar Tales. it’s time to take the next step to enable my fans to fully experience the magical world of Amazar Avians and help spread it’s message.

I am now looking for galleries in the greater Denver area to host an installation/exhibition sometime the second half of 2019 or early 2020 where visitors can view, interact with, hear and discover stories about the amazing world of Amazar Avians and adopt an Amazar Avian of their choice. The exhibit will be populated by dozens of different Amazar Avian Species, Forever Gardens, multi-dimensional landscapes and other sculptural creatures that have been brought to life using repurposed/recycled vintage leathers, found objects and sacred crystals while Avian bird sounds chirp and vibrate through the exhibition space. 

As an award winning artist/sculptor, arts educator and author I have exhibited professionally in juried exhibitions and galleries for more than 50 years focusing on creating residential sculptures and art for public spaces that incorporate recycled and repurposed materials. This current series of leather sculptures is something I’ve been developing over the past 5 years and has been evolving nicely in concept and scale. The response to the concept and current work has been wonderful.

I’m now seeking opportunities to meet with gallery owners and exhibit curators to show them pieces from my Amazar Avian series and discuss the possibilities.

Help spread the message and encourage others to discover the world of Amazar Avians.