Magical Amazar Avain Moments at my Open Door Studio showcase

Response to my Avians at my Open Door studio tour event was magical.

Over 50 groups of visitors stopped by to experience my work, view the hatching of a new extraordinary Crystal Beak Avian and participate in conversations around my Amazar Tales.

The timing of my show coincided with Global Marches calling attention to Climate change and gatherings to honor the International Day of Peace. People were truly open to learning about the premise that drives my creations, spreading the message of hope, peace, the concepts of rebirth and renewal of the planet and all it’s inhabitants. 

I’m still reflecting on a number of amazing things that took place over the course of the show. Dozens of Crystal and Rainbow Beak Avians, Azure Blue Peacekeepers, Owlish Sages, Gifted Empaths Empara and Long Beak Hummers, promoting healing vibrations and the healing of the planet and all it’s inhabitants welcomed Studio visitors. The energy given off by my creations definitely had an effect on people as they interacted with my work and listened to my Amazar Tales.

As I related the concepts of Creative Reuse and my goal as an animal rights activist to honor animals in the recycling of vintage leather garments, people listened intently. 

But on a number of occasion’s things moved beyond that. 

As I spoke on the concept of imprinting the Ceremonial Feathers I create with sacred memories, cherished moments, thoughts or desires, some of the reactions I received surprised me. Immersed in the environment I had created, attuned to the vibrations of the Amazar Avians, a lady contemplating what she might imprint on a cluster of Ceremonial Feathers began to weep. Upon composing herself, she expressed that something in my work, the concepts I shared and the connections I evoked, touched her so deeply she was moved to tears. And then she reached out to thank me for the experience and asked to hug me. 

WOW! I was not expecting that reaction. And to my amazement over the weekend it happened again and again. Ladies contemplating the power of Amazar Ceremonial Feathers began to weep.

On another occasion, a woman came by with two teenage daughters. One was obviously there reluctantly, with a distant look on her face and her focus on whatever she was listening to through the large set of earphones that adorned her head. The mother and other daughter were excited as they explored my creations and listened as I explained the concept behind my sculptural creations. 

About 5 minutes into the experience, the other daughter, intrigued by what see was seeing came closer, took off her headphones and listened intently to my Amazar tales. A amazing moment indeed…A teenage girl choosing to explore my artwork and set aside her headphones.

As people leave my studio my traditional parting gift to them is to have them reach in a bowl of crystals, close their eyes, choose and accept as a gift a small quartz crystal that energetically feels good. Some people spent minutes intently feeling for the one that seemed destine for them. 

There are lots of ways an artist qualifies the success of a show. For me, if my work can touch people on an emotional level like the women who were moved to tears, if I can get people to linger, listen to my Amazar Tales and connect with my creations, that is success. And to get a teenage girl to find something intriguing enough in my work to take off her headphones, listen and explore my artwork. That definitely goes in the success column. 

It’s those types of experiences I look forward to sharing at my 2021 exhibition at the Center for the Arts in Evergreen and at other events. 

If you are affiliated with an organization that may like to schedule an Amazar Avian experience for their members, please reach out to me.

Earlier this month I established a special way to honor individuals who grasp the concept behind my work and enjoy my creations. To them I bestowed the honor of becoming an Amazar Avian Ambassador. If you would like more information on this opportunity let me know.

If you missed visiting me during the Open Door Studio tour, don’t despair. Reach out and contact me to arrange for a special private tour of my studio and an Amazar Avian Experience.